Paper Cup


We have developed a unique glass from environmentally  material for herbal large-leaf tea.

You can enjoy premium tea from a disposable eco glass. The glass is designed in such a way that the leaves and berries always remain on the bottom of the glass.

We collect and produce natural herbal tea from Siberian forests.  Everyone will find their favorite taste.

The membrane is tightly attached.

  • Energy 400ml
  • Currant 400ml
  • Taiga 400ml
  • Thyme 400ml
  • Mint 400ml
  • Rainbow flavor 400ml
  • Fragrant 400ml
  • Аromatic 400ml

About us

About us - Ecovient
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Siberian taiga is a real storehouse of useful plants. Herbs, tea, cones and berries are delicious healing delicacies that the forest gives us.

In our author's recipe developments, we are based on our age-old traditions aimed at preserving the healing properties of natural ingredients.

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