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Siberian taiga is a real storehouse of useful plants. Herbs, tea, cones and berries are delicious healing delicacies that the forest gives us.

Siberian nature

Our company collects herbs, berries and the production of high quality tea in the heart of Russia's Siberian taiga. This is one one of the most ecologically clean places of our beautiful planet. Immerse yourself in this unforgettable place with us, taste the power of the taiga.

Tea production

Only the highest quality natural ingredients are used in the creation of our tea. We carefully select each leaf of our tea. Our teas are very healthy, tasty and aromatic.

Paper cup with tea

Our company produces tumblers using a unique, patented technology. Disposable glasses made of environmentally friendly material with premium tea. Thanks to our development, tea leaves always remain at the bottom of the glass and do not interfere with the enjoyment of exquisite taste and aroma. In 2022, our company took first place at the All-Russian Tea Exhibition. 
Our products will successfully fit into the line of hot drinks for takeaway, cafes, shops, offices, petrol stations, as well as in planes, trains, intercity buses, catering, in hotels in rooms, etc.

Product benefits

Natural herbal collections contain many vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial to the immune system of the body of the body. It also has a good effect on the walls of blood vessels, strengthening them and getting rid of excessive cholesterol and other harmful substances. Herbal teas have strengthening properties, promote weight loss, calm, invigorate, keep the body toned and simply put you in a good mood.